Mistakes and Solutions

2021-06-20Progress Log Standard

I just weight myself. I weigh in at 237 lb as of this morning, well noon, right after getting out of bed and completing my morning routine in the bathroom. This proves to me that I am not on the right track when it comes to diet and exercise. I would say I am active enough, although I could pump up my work outs.

So what am I doing wrong?

  1. I don’t drink enough water. Only when I am working out, or I ate something salty is when I chuck down a bottle of water. Normally, I don’t even finish my bottle of water for the whole day, and I can tell that I am often dehydrated. It presents itself with headaches in the evening, with dry and flaky skin, with increased appetite, with a nasty taste in my mouth, and more importantly with having little energy and the feeling of being physically drained. Obviously, drinking a lot of water alone doesn’t magically make the number on the scale go down, but we all know it is necessary for being healthy and part of a healthy diet. So what should I do to solve this problem? I am setting a reminder on my fitbit to drink water every hour.
  2. I don’t get enough sleep. Most nights I only sleep about 5 to 6.6 hours. But apparently, I should be sleeping at least 8 hours each night so my body can properly work. Also, when I don’t stay up half the night, then I am less tempted to give into hunger that naturally occurs again around the 1am mark, so like 4 to 6 hours after my last meal. Why am I not able to sleep? 1) I drink too much caffeine throughout the day, which is something I used to say doesn’t affect me but apparently now it does. 2) I just don’t go to bed, even though I am tired, because I want to spend time watching a show, or simply because I am procrastinating and don’t want the next work day to start. Then of course there are also nights when I do go to bed when it’s time, but I restlessly toss around for hours. How do I solve this problem? I need to make sure not to drink coffee after a certain time. I am not sure when exactly I need to stop drinking it, but let’s go with 6pm. Next, I should also make use of the herbal sleeping aid pills I have on my kitchen counter. Let’s set up another reminder for those to be taken at 11pm.
  3. I DON’T EAT RIGHT. This is of course the biggest thing I am doing wrong, that’s why it’s bolded. There are two things about my diet that are not right yet. 1) Sometimes I still overeat, meaning I eat between 200 and 800 calories over my budget. So naturally my weight isn’t going down and my workouts partially go to waste. Even though I am strengthening my body, I eradicate the contribution my workouts provide towards my calorie deficit. 2) All things that I currently eat are processed. Not only am I not building a healthy relationship with nutrition and properly fueling up, but I also eat too much sodium as well as too many calories from fats and carbs, when I should be eating more protein. These two things are wrong, too much food and not the right kind of foods.

So the last problem is a little more complex. Eating incorrectly is what has gotten me to this point in the first place. I know that there will always be slip ups, no matter how well I may eat most of the time, but I am not too worried about the occasional take out or sweet indulgence. If I was to strictly forbid me from having those treats for the rest of my life, I know I will be more likely to fail. I have in the past given myself crazy food rules that I couldn’t adhere to, for example I wanted to cut out the coffee completely because I drink it with a little sugar and milk. Not possible, not desirable, not helpful.

My problem lies in my daily nutrition. I skip breakfast, and find myself hungry at lunch and at night time. The reason I don’t eat breakfast is because I don’t give myself enough time in the morning between waking up and having to head out. So the solution is to get up earlier, and eat breakfast before heading out. On the days I am not working, I still don’t anything sometimes until 4pm. So I sort of need to force myself to eat something within the first hour after getting up, hungry or not, because the lack of food always catches up to me.

Then for lunch time, when I am working, I normally eat something from the bakery or the coffee shop. Processed food for convenience. The calories count for these meals, including the coffee, is usually a little over 800. Then I don’t eat anything until I get home around 8pm. I could fix this problem by bringing my own lunch and snacks from home. I have to admit, I think I am just lazy when it comes to this point. /big sigh

A similar problem presents itself when it comes to eating dinner. I don’t really cook anymore. Usually, at night time we would eat hot dogs, or ramen, maybe I whip up some rice with beef. I used to cook a lot more, not necessarily healthy dishes, (I’d make pasta or steak and potatoes) but at least home cooked foods. It sort of stopped when the pandemic hit, and we started to order our groceries online, instead of going to the store. These days we order basic things like milk, bread and yogurt and then for dinner only things that don’t require fresh ingredients. Fruit, vegetables, and meats have been proven to be tricky, when somebody else is picking them for you.

I hate to admit how much I struggle with this realization, but the solution is right there. I need to go back to the store and pick our groceries, and cook our dinners and lunches. I know my husband would benefit from this as well, as he is struggling with eating enough good foods and enough protein for his muscle gain.

Let’s check in again in a week from now and see if I have spent some time in the kitchen.


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