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Making Memories

2021-06-20Journal Entry Standard

Last night my husband and I went for a bike ride, it was the first time we rode our bikes in over two years. Of course I was drenched and completely exhausted after just a few minutes, but we managed to ride for about an hour. It was the most amazing things that has happenedRead more

Being a Victim, a fat Victim

2021-06-13Journal Entry Standard

My husband and I are going through a rough patch at the moment. This is in fact the roughest time in our marriage that we have ever experienced. Which of course means that I am currently emotionally at the lowest point ever in my life, and I believe so is he. We have met overRead more

Diets start on Mondays!

2021-06-09Journal Entry Standard

Hello, welcome to Amber is Winning it! Today is Wednesday, June 9th. I meant to start working on this little project of mine on Monday, so two days ago. And with “little project” I mean documenting my change of lifestyle, change of my relationship to food and physical activity, and the relationship I have withRead more